Cloud Accounting

Online accounting with Simplifi opens up a world of opportunities to increase efficiency and add moments of brillance to your working day.

No Worries have been accountants in the UK since 2005. When the business was started, we offered our very own online software, specially designed to suit the needs of our client base – contractors working in the UK through a limited company structure.

Over the years, we have seen many changes in the market, and we have adapted our software to make sure two simple objectives are always met – keeping things easy for our clients and ensuring all filing deadlines and regulations are met.

We have operated in the cloud since we started and in 2010 we expanded our client base to cover self-employed, and SME’s. At this point, our cloud software was still serving our contractor clients very well, but we found that it could not be used as easily for conventional business.

The SME clients that we had were using some of the bigger software packages on offer, and we were assisting with the bookkeeping and accounting requirements through these platforms (which we still do). However, we found that our software had a lot more to offer – so we decided to use our years of experience, and understanding of what software means to the accountant, as well as the end users, to offer something better. In 2018 Simplifi was born– a simple solution to a complex requirement set. You see, keeping things easy for our clients is still our main goal.

Our cloud-based software is easy to use, gives you the tools you require to run your business and your accountants the background to keep your filing requirements met! It is completely customizable and MTD compliant.

For more information on what is on offer take a look at the Simplifi accounting software here.