Personal Tax

Our team of experienced and professional personal tax return accountants are ready to help.

Our personal tax return service offers you peace of mind, and an escape from endless form filling. From as little as £125 + VAT for a basic tax return, we can get your return submitted quickly, and easily.

We are able to assist with correspondence from the HMRC, drafting your return, calculating any tax owing or refunds due, as well as the submission and corresponding proof of submission.

Our service covers all sources of personal income;

  • PAYE
  • Benefits
  • Interest and dividends
  • Property income
  • Self-employed income
  • Partnership income
  • Capital Gains
  • Foreign income

Typically, our Early bird fee is just £125 + VAT. To take full advantage of our Early bird offer, you must have signed up for our personal tax service, paid our fee, supplied us with all the information we require to prepare your personal tax return, and approved your draft personal tax return ready for filing with the HMRC, by 31 October.

Our standard fee is £175 + VAT for those who sign up for our service after 31 October.

And finally, if you like to do things at the last minute, our standard fee increases to £250 + VAT if you sign up for our service after 31 December.

Add-ons. If you have any of the following additional income to report: a) Rental Property Income, b) Self-employed/Partnership Income, c) Foreign Income, d) Capital Gains Income; there is an additional charge of £50 + VAT.

Get in touch to discuss the income that you need to declare, and we can provide you with a quote.

Existing Accounting Client? If you already use our accounting services as a freelancer or SME, you get an automatic £50 + VAT discount off the rates described here.